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We supply live biological control insects for the control of Diffuse and Spotted Knapweed, Leafy Spurge, Dalmatian Toadflax and Canada Thistle. Biological control is a proven, non-chemical, natural approach to weed management. It is also a cost effective, long term solution to your weed problems and is compatible with organic farming and ranching. Weedbusters is open for the 2021 season.

What is Biological Control and how does it work?

Biological control, also known as biocontrol, is the use of a living organism to control a pest, in our case, using beneficial insects to control invasive plants. Most of the noxious and invasive plants that are problems in the United States came here from Europe and Asia accidentally as seed or soil contaminants or in some cases on purpose, as ornamentals. When they arrived in North America, they left the insects that fed on them in Eurasia behind, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Without their natural predators to keep them under control, they were able to proliferate, displacing our native plants and becoming the problem we are faced with today. Biocontrol merely reintroduces the plant's natural predator to the prey in a new land. Different species of biocontrols may attack the same weed species in different ways. One biocontrol insect may feed on the roots of the weed, while another destroys the seeds. The same species of insect may also feed on different parts of the plant at different phases of its life cycle. For example, the knapweed flower weevil feeds on the foliage of knapweed as an adult but in its larval (immature) life phase, it feeds on the developing seeds in the seedhead.

Advantages of Biological Control

Safety- The insects feed only on the weed they are targeted for, nothing else. They pose no threat to humans, crops or beneficial organisms.

Environmentally Friendly- The health of the ecosystem is maintained and improved. There is no damage to native plants as there can be with herbicides.

Sustainable- Once established on the site, the insects over winter, reproduce and spread. One release of 100 insects can become over a million in just a few years. Insects remain permanently and the weed in continually under attack.

Cost Effective- Avoid annual labor and expense of other treatments such as pulling or herbicide. Additional purchase of insects is not needed, unless a very large area is involved.


At Weedbusters, we guarantee that you will receive healthy, vigorous insects ready to tackle your weed problem. If there is any problem with any of the insects delivered, we will replace them at no cost to you.


Order EARLY to assure your place on the list. Insects are sent in special containers (which are surprisingly expensive) and must arrive within 2 days, so shipping cost may vary depending on destination. Weedbusters is a GREEN company. In order to keep these containers out of the landfill and save you money (so we don't have to charge for them), we typically ask our customers to mail these containers back to us for reuse. (We reuse them many times)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Weedbusters has been able to remain open. As we are a family owned business, social distancing is not a problem for us. We work primarily outside and usually speak with customers only over the phone. Masks are worn when mailing packages.

Contact us at (406)251-4261 for Kandace or (406)552-5024 for Bob

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